Research solutions

Online research solutions

We offer agile online research solutions with a focus on, but not restricted to implicit research. We offer webcam-based eye-tracking and emotion tracking, implicit association tasks, implicit pricing tasks, choice-based conjoint, MaxDiff, etc. You name it, we use it.

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Neuromarketing solutions

We have access to the latest scientific equipment and software to capture the true reactions of a user/customer in interaction with your product/commercial/store/technology. We have mobile systems to conduct research outside the lab and can even track from a distance if passengers are noticing your ad/product and what emotions they express.

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Data analysis

We can help you with the analysis of the human data you have collected. We can help you with price optimization, choice modeling, churn analysis, network analysis, driver analysis, customer profiling, text mining, etc.

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About us

Apollo8 helps you to innovate your products, commercials, experiences, packages and technology.

Our network of experts in neuroscience, behavioral science, data science, software development and market research allows us to tackle your business and research questions from a unique perspective.

Your questions are answered with the most recent technological innovations in research (e.g. mobile EEG, fMRI, mobile eye-tracking, mobile physiological measurements, virtual reality, online reaction tasks, online emotion tracking, agile questionnaires...) and data science.

Through the mix of your own expertise and the partnerships with innovation research platform Buffl and online neuromarketing platform Cooltool we can offer the full range of techniques in market and innovation research.

Why a focus on implicit research?

Daniel Kahneman won the Noble prize in economy in 2002 for his work on cognitive biases and behavioral economics. His work has led to the academic consensus that consumer decisions are mainly influenced by instinctive, emotional and mostly unconscious drivers (system 1) rather than by rational, deliberate and conscious drivers (system 2).

Implicit research reveals what consumers are really thinking and feeling because it taps directly into the emotions and unconscious decision drivers of consumers!

Traditional market research methods, such as survey research, have some well-documented weaknesses, because they mainly depend on the deliberate, rational, slow system 2:

Socially desirable answers

It is possible that respondents don’t answer truthfully to your questions. Political opinion polling is a typical example of survey research that is very prone to socially desirable answering, leading to incorrect conclusions.

Strategic answers

It is possible that respondents have a personal interest in the topic of your research. This can lead to conscious or unconscious strategic answering. Pricing research is a typical example of survey research that leads to underestimations of what consumers really want to pay for your product.

Unable to answer

Some marketing questions are impossible to answer through direct questions, simply because the right answer is not available to the conscious mind of the person who has to answer the questions. Usability research is a typical example.

Our Implicit Toolbox

Because of our broad expertise we can propose the best tool to answer your specific question

Brain imaging

Allows to directly visualize the activity within the human brain

  • fMRI: detects changes in blood flow to particular areas of the brain and is especially location sensitive.
  • EEG: detects electrical activity of the brain and is especially time sensitive.
  • fNIRS: a non-invasive and portable alternative to fMRI using near infrared light.

Physiological measures

Directly correlated with brain activity and beyond conscious control, but without the need to look directly into the brain, allowing for research in a more natural context

  • Eye movements: by tracking where people are looking at we can investigate what draws the attention and elicits interest.
  • Galvanic skin response and heart rate variability: by measuring the activity of the sweat glands and the heart rate we can monitor the sympathetic nervous system and have an indication of psychological arousal.
  • EMG: by tracking the activity of the zygomaticus major muscle group (used when smiling) and the corrugator supercilii muscle group (used with frowning) we can detect (micro-)expressions and the emotions related to them (happiness, frustration, etc.).

Online implicit measures

Influenced by brain activity and beyond conscious control, but extremely accessible, allowing research from a laptop, tablet or smartphone at home among large sample sizes

  • Associative Priming: a technique allowing to detect which unconscious associations are related to your brand, your logo, your package, etc.
  • Implicit Price Elasticity Test (IPET): a technique allowing to detect the ideal price point for your product.
  • Facial coding: a technique allowing to track emotions through the webcam of a computer or laptop.
  • Visual search: a technique allowing to find out how salient a visual stimulus is (a package, an ad, a logo, etc.).


Based on our expertise, we also offer consultancy based on our benchmarks and experience

Research examples

Specific problems that can be solved with our tools

  • Brand building: How can I build a strong brand?
  • In-store experience: Optimize your customer journey.
  • Advertising: Make your ad more effective.
  • Direct mail: Optimize your communication.
  • Usability testing: Make my product/app more efficient.
  • Package design: How can packaging increase my sales?
  • First person shopper: Visiting a shop in Virtual Reality.
  • Taste testing: How to create an irresistable taste.
  • Implicit Price elasticity (IPET): Measure the optimal price.
  • Smart digital signage that learns and reacts to what passengers like.
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What's up?

Apollo8 is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with the San Fransisco based technology company CoolTool - Agile Behavioral Insights ONLINE to offer agile, affordable and scalable measurement tools in Belgium and the Netherlands. These tools can be used for market research, UX research and communication research. Especially at times when it is difficult to meet people physically for research, online tools are the solution. #Cooltool ( and #UXreality ( are online platforms that allow you to capture the true reactions of your customers while they are visiting your website, application or encounter your ads, packages or visual brand assets. Interested? Check out these platforms on your own or you can ask us at Apollo8 to help you to integrate them in your study. For more information, a free demonstration and a trial account, do not hesitate to contact us at or

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Who am I?

Apollo8 was founded in 2019 by Dr. Jelle Demanet.

Jelle has a PhD in Experimental Psychology and has numerous publications in international peer-reviewed journals in cognitive and brain sciences. He also is an expert in behavioral economics and market research.